There are more than dozens of fitness clubs in Vietnam, each promising a total body transformation. With the number of fitness clubs available, it can be hard to know which one to register with. If you live in Vietnam and want to join a fitness club to improve your living habits, below are six of the best. From affordable to exclusive health and fitness gyms, this list comprises the best, high-quality gyms in Vietnam.

  • NShape Fitness

NShape Fitness was established in 2009 and has been serving the people of Hanoi for more than thirteen years. It is a high-end fitness brand and one of the first to be established in the city. It boasts of luxury fitness equipment and fitness-related operations that have been well invested in according to international standards. NShape has two centers in the heart of the city and up to three thousand club members.

It offers group exercises, yoga classes, including hot yoga, group exercises, outdoor exercise classes, and fitness programs for kids. It also offers specialized fitness training programs, including cardio boxing and cross fit. Furthermore, if you are looking for more tailored exercises, there are experienced personal trainers who help you. The best part is the energy in this gym; trainers will enthusiastically work out with you to ensure you remain motivated.

  • GetFit

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, GetFit Gym & Yoga is another high-end fitness, yoga, and beauty center. It offers a system of modern fitness equipment and a team of highly experienced, qualified, expert coaches. The fitness center offers a comfortable and motivating environment for working out, but it also offers tailored workout sessions. The gym’s staff works one-on-one with customers to figure out what routine will work best for their body type.

If you’ve got health and beauty goals with a deadline for achieving them, this gym will help make it happen. Plus, with its over ten years of experience, it creates reasonable group exercise programs where members are motivating one another. As such, you cannot help but be committed to the workout sessions, thus speeding up that transformation you desire.

  • California Fitness & Yoga

California Fitness & Yoga is one of the largest fitness clubs in the country, boasting a vibrant, uniquely-styled atmosphere. The club has both fitness and yoga centers, with each one filled with contemporary training equipment and internationally-qualified fitness trainers. Furthermore, there are internet areas, modern makeup areas, nutritional refreshment counters, and highly comprehensive group training programs.

The gym’s group programs include BodyJam, Zumba, Latin Dance, Belly Dance, BodyPump, RPM, BodyCombat, and BodyBalance. Furthermore, it offers a number of learning programs, including a variety of Yoga courses and pole dancing courses. When you are done with your workout session, simply stroll down to any of the saunas to relax.

  • Elite Fitness Club

Elite Fitness has been in operation since 2010; it started as a high-end fitness club and has remained so. For over ten years, Elite Fitness has grown to hold a position as the best gym in Vietnam quality-wise. The gym boasts of imported fitness equipment, including those imported by famous brands such as Technogym and Life Fitness.

The fitness club has branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, working with highly trained fitness trainers. Furthermore, the fitness club holds a position as a high-class gym when it comes to renting out the services of trainers.

  • KingSport Fitness Club

KingSport Fitness is one of the more affordable gyms in Vietnam and that offers high-quality health and fitness services. It boasts luxurious, modern facilities that make doing hardcore exercises worthwhile and a cool environment to offer motivation. KingSport Fitness has well-trained trainers and a clear curriculum for each fitness subject, thus facilitating a highly effective training program.

If you want a taste of luxury gyms at a reasonable, affordable price, KingSport Fitness is surely one of the best places to go. With its array of modern machinery and professional, energetic coaches, you will realize your health and fitness goals in no time.

  • Fitness World

Fitness World offers an array of modern, US-imported workout equipment and a large-scale, luxurious space in Hanoi. It is among the top-quality gyms Vietnam has to offer, offering many types of exercises and Yoga. Its Yoga studio is located away from other areas to offer yoga enthusiasts maximum tranquility during their sessions. Meanwhile, in the main gym, there is an array of training to take, including Latin, Zumba, and Belly Dance.

Furthermore, this gym boasts a sauna, bathroom, steam room, and a changing area with lockers. There’s also an internet counter if you need to do some quick office work and relaxation counters for meeting new people.


We do hope this list has helped you; now you have different gym options to try out in Vietnam. These gyms are especially excellent if you want exclusive fitness offerings, including imported, modern fitness equipment. They also offer custom training sessions to suit your body type and fitness level, with a personal trainer working with you.