Do you live in Singapore and have decided to take your fitness journey seriously or to up your game? First off, you have made the right decision; you’re on your way to living a healthier lifestyle. Starting can be difficult, but it gets easier as you progress on the journey – especially when you have support. The right fitness club or gym can make achieving your fitness goals a breeze and something to look forward to.

However, with many fitness clubs in Singapore, it can be hard to find a gym that suits all your needs. We have done the research on your behalf and gathered the best fitness clubs in Singapore right now. These gyms offer a wide range of exercises, including martial arts, yoga, Pilates, and spin classes. If you’re ready to get started on achieving your dream body, below are top fitness clubs that can help.

  • Freedom

Freedom Gym is a very accessible fitness playground that makes working out worthwhile. What makes the gym accessible is its offer of freelance personal trainers who are paid with no commission to the gym. That means you can find a personal trainer that fits within your budget and use the gym opportunities even without a membership. You can simply walk into the gym and pay your chosen trainer directly for their services.

Furthermore, the fitness club prides itself on being the only one in the city with many 40 arsenal strength machines. Each of the strength machines is designed to target different muscle groups to transform them into what you want them to be.

  • Tribody

Tribody Fitness is perfect for fitness geeks who cannot exercise without a solid scientific backup for the exercise they do. If you’re the type who always wants to understand the reason behind a thing, Tribody Fitness is for you.

Using anatomy and physiology, the workouts Tribody dishes out are led by experienced fitness trainers who pattern routines to each individual. Furthermore, this top-rated fitness club prides itself on having an inclusive community and welcoming every individual, regardless of body type.

Whatever your fitness goals, Tribody can help you achieve them; it is very easy to fall in love with the gym. There are many things that make the fitness club one of the best, including the holistic experience it offers. Also, its collaboration with The Osteopathic Centre for seasonal packages of group workout sessions, among others, makes it excellent.

  • Sparked Brain & Fitness Hub

Sparked Brain & Fitness Hub utilizes a new and cool concept in gym workouts that makes its training highly effective. These workouts target the brain, offering cognitive motor and brain health fitness training for kids and adults alike.

It is one of the first gyms in Singapore to adopt these kinds of workouts that optimize your brain’s health and performance. Furthermore, each training session blends physical and cognitive exercises geared towards improving the brain’s core functions.

Sparked Brain & Fitness Hub is especially wonderful for children because of the fun and interactive sessions it offers. Meanwhile, these are not for children only; it also offers these to adults already suffering from cognitive decline. Furthermore, the gym offers both physical and online workout sessions; simply sign up and get a curated program designed for you.

  • Gravity

If you are looking for a fitness club that offers more exclusivity, then Gravity by Fitness may be your best option. It is among the best, more exclusive gyms in Singapore, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and equipment – including a temperature-controlled infinity pool.

It also features shirt pressing services, private workspaces, and an in-house spa to massage the muscle stress off. However, with all these mouthwatering benefits come a very high membership fee – the price you pay for exclusivity.

  • Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA is the Singapore crowd’s favorite; it is one of the best fitness clubs in the country. Apart from being among the best, it is also among the largest and popular martial arts gyms in Asia.

Registration at this fitness club brings you access to state-of-the-art facilities like airdyne bikes, treadmills, and power racks, among others. It also offers at least eight hundred fitness classes every week, which are led by experienced and renowned names.

If you’re a big fan of boxing, this gym is one of the best places to get a full-on MMA experience. You get to experience realistic boxing and top-notch martial arts training sessions, among an extensive list of other classes. More so, the gym offers different training sessions for every fitness level; so, browse the gym and choose yours.


These five fitness clubs are among the best in Singapore and all of Asia, providing impressive workout equipment. With professional and renowned fitness trainers, each of these fitness clubs offers a state-of-the-art fitness experience. With a membership fee, you get unlimited access to the gyms’ workout tools and a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goal. Regardless of your fitness level, the workout sessions are designed and patterned to meet each individual’s needs.