As the lockdown eases and life is returning to normal, fitness facilities in the Philippines are resuming operation. Some of us were forced to cancel our membership because of the lockdown and now need to find another great place. Meanwhile, some have had a taste of home workouts and would love to experience full-on gym training sessions.

Also, while some members prefer to train alone, others need to see other trainers for motivation. Whichever category you fall into, chances are you’re unsure which fitness club will meet your needs. Below is our list of some of the best fitness clubs in the Philippines, each with its unique offerings.

  • Anytime Fitness Club

Anytime Fitness Club is an international chain of gyms with locations in twenty-five countries across the globe. It has more than three thousand gyms operating globally, including in the Philippines. More so, Anytime Fitness is an accessible franchise where anyone can apply for membership at. It is a place that means business, and you can see this by its array of gym equipment, locker area, and shower.

The gym is open all day every day, meaning you can work out until late at night or early in the morning. Once you pay the membership fee, Anytime Fitness will give you a keyfob that gives you access to other Anytime Fitness gyms. So, whether you are home or abroad, you can enter any Anytime Fitness gym, provided it is available there.

  • Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness is a luxury fitness brand that offers an exciting alternative to the conventional gym you’re used to. The gym boasts complete sets of gym equipment and unique group classes to make working out fun and rewarding.

Some of the fitness classes the gym offers include Saltar Floating Yoga, low-impact workouts on a trampoline, and Zumba. It also offers specialized exercises like the combination of yoga and Zumba, which is done on a harness.

Meanwhile, Zumba is only one of the many other dance classes the gym offers. Also, there are group classes that utilize innovative workout equipment, letting you focus more on functional fitness.

  • Elorde Pro Boxing Gym

Elorde Pro Boxing Gym was initially a small, local gym for boxers or those interested in learning boxing. Today, it is one of the biggest fitness centers in the Philippines, offering a wide range of fitness classes. While it still offers boxing classes, it has added others like yoga, Muay Thai, and circuit classes. The goal is to help each individual meet their set fitness goals.

Elorde Pro Boxing Gym is equipped with simple gym equipment, including free weights, which you can use to train yourself. If you need close supervision and assistance to train, there are personal trainers nearby whose help you can employ. Whether you’re interested in boxing or you want something simpler or more intense, Elorde Pro has that something.

  • Focus Athletics

If you have specific fitness goals set, Focus Athletics is one of the best places to go to achieve them. As the name implies, Focus Athletics Gym focuses on each customer’s fitness level and needs, offering personalized training.

The gym has professional coaches and physical therapists who analyze each individual’s fitness level and history with physical activities. Then, by working together, they draw up a client-specific program that can help you get into the best shape.

The quality of its training and results makes the gym a go-to destination for professional and recovering athletes. What makes this fitness club stand out is its focus on specific muscle groups that need strength training. Then, it offers advanced gym equipment and plyometrics with which you can train and get in a great, permanent shape.

  • Fitness First

Fitness First is a rich, luxury fitness brand that offers a unique set of assorted gym equipment. The quality of equipment in this gym is one of the things that make it stand out.

From simple equipment like free weights to more specialized workout spots like cardio areas with movie screenings. The gym also offers a steam and sauna room to cool down after an intense HIIT workout – or just to chill.

What’s more; if you forgot your gym clothes at home, Fitness First has some you can use at no cost! Whether you are looking for group workout support or prefer private training with a personal trainer, Fitness First has it. Its group classes include aerial yoga, Spartan obstacle, and indoor cycling. Its membership rates are in range, so be sure to ask an agent first for the available options.


As much as we enjoy the comfort and convenience of home workouts, we have to admit the importance of gym workouts. Going to the gym and being a member of a fitness club undoubtedly has its perks. First, you have a strong support group cheering you on and motivating you to keep working. We have to admit, achieving those fitness goals is a lot easier when there’s a personal trainer and others like us.